I Wish / I Wish

by Heavy Sigh

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released July 18, 2016

Recorded and mixed by Scot Moriarty at Backroom Studios
All songs written and performed by Heavy Sigh

Guitar/Vocals - Suzy Forman
Bass - Eric J. Scholz
Drums - Jesse Rinaldi
Synth, trumpet, glockenspiel, percussion - Gregory Maniago
Guitar - Alex Schutz

Art by Suzy Forman



all rights reserved


Heavy Sigh

nj dreamo

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Track Name: Small Talk
i wish i could tell you
that i'm doing better
don't ask me what i've been up to
'cause i don't have an answer
no one wants to hear about skipped showers and nervous tics
no one wants to talk about how long it takes to get out of bed

another year is gone
and i guess i'm worse off now that i'm older
and still stuck
waiting on luck
because my effort is never enough
Track Name: Fall Back Asleep
i wish you wouldn't dream
i don't want you to know an alternate me
someone who might flick her tongue with the perfect pressure
without stains in between her teeth

someone who speaks colloquial poetry, audibly
an achiever, a disbeliever in discussing daytime drear
a presence that parts lips to breathe in
fresh, yet familiar air
you could meet a figure with dyed hair
and brown eyes that don't cry

she'll look like me
and you'll call her "suzy"
and even then you won't realize
you're meeting another love in another life

you'll wake and wish you hadn't
you'll toss until your alarm begins to ring
you'll even forget your dream
but when i crawl into your bed
you'll immediately
fall back asleep